Clearwire rips taxpayers of billions of dollars, then gets praised for it in the business press

Cited Article

How Craig McCaw Built a 4G Network on the Cheap: The mobile pioneer’s Clearwire controls airwaves worth $20 billion or more, Bloomberg Businessweek, May 20, 2010

My Comment

Shame on Bloomberg Businessweek for turning a company that ripped off billions of dollars of taxpayer assets (the public airwaves) into a hero and model of entrepreneurship.  No wonder the FCC continues to give tens of billions of dollars worth of public assets to private companies (“entrepreneurs”) under fraudulent pretenses.    The editors at Bloomberg Businessweek knew very well how Clearwire and its partners got hold of these assets “on the cheap.”  Indeed, I granted the lead reporter a long face-to-face interview only because he told me that he was going to report on this long neglected public ripoff.   But at some point he or his editors evidently decided that turning McCaw into an entrepreneurial hero rather than a spectrum robber baron would attract more of Bloomberg Businessweek‘s readers.


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