Editorial, “Wireless tech: Give our airwaves some air,” Los Angeles Times, August 23, 2011

Cited Article

Editorial, Wireless tech: Give our airwaves some air, Los Angeles Times, August 23, 2011

My Comment

Shame on the Los Angeles Times for advocating a giveaway to the broadcast industry worth tens of billions of dollars while not acknowledging that, as part of the Tribune Company, one of the largest TV broadcasting conglomerates in the U.S., it stands to gain a windfall of spectrum rights worth hundreds of millions of dollars, if not billions, from the giveaway.

According to the most rudimentary standards of journalistic ethics (and ones the Los Angeles Times claims to subscribe to), the Los Angeles Times should acknowledge such a gross conflict of interest in writing a self-serving editorial like this.  Perhaps not surprisingly, the editorial is almost a carbon copy of the talking points that the Tribune Company’s spectrum lobbyists in DC have been using.

Admittedly, one has to have a lot of background knowledge to read through all the lobbyist inspired spin in the article.   Perhaps the editors are as clueless as the public when they read this type of lobbyist inspired spin.

Admittedly, too, the unlicensed stuff isn’t in the broadcasters’ official playbook.  But that also represents less than 1% of the spectrum assets that Congress plans to give away to the broadcast industry, including the Tribune company.


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