Paul Kirby, “Snider Blasts TV Plan,” TR Daily, October 25, 2011

TR Daily covers The Broadcast Industry’s Free TV Scam Redux, published in the Huffington Post.  Here is the text:


J.H. Snider, president of and a critic of TV broadcasters’ use of spectrum, blasted a proposal advanced by the Coalition for Free TV and Broadband, which represents low-power TV and translator stations, that would be an alternative to holding incentive auctions of broadcast spectrum (TRDaily, Oct. 20).  In a column on “The Huffington Post,” Mr. Snider called a cost-benefit analysis released by the coalition last week “breathtakingly amateurish, making numerous dubious assumptions.”  The analysis, prepared for the coalition by Business Analytix, Inc., estimates that the “broadcast overlay” plan that would allow broadcasters to offer broadband services would produce up to $62 billion for the U.S. Treasury between 2014 and 2026 and $215 billion when considering an unspecified number of years past that.  In his column, Mr. Snider said that “if the past is any guide, Congress will not likely care about such a slipshod analysis.”  But later he said, “The American public has long proved a sucker for such games. It’s been a long ride, and I don’t expect it to be over until the billionaires and their media conglomerates, with their sycophantic allies in Congress, have succeeded in upgrading their licenses from broadcast to broadband for chump change to the American public who own the airwaves.


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