Kerry, John, “Sen. John Kerry: Your Airwaves, Your Voice,” Huffington Post, December 13, 2011


Kerry, John, Sen. John Kerry: Your Airwaves, Your Voice, Huffington Post, December 13, 2011


The spectrum crunch is real, but that is no excuse to give tens of billions of dollars worth of public airwaves to the TV broadcasters,  The authors describe this giveaway as freeing up spectrum “in a way that is fair to broadcasters.”   But it certainly isn’t fair to those who own that spectrum: us.  Both political parties support this giveaway, so  this isn’t a partisan issue.

The issue that is partisan has to do with the support of unlicensed use of this spectrum.  I believe this is a very worthy goal.  But both parties have eviscerated the original plans to allow unlicensed use of the white spaces in this band of spectrum.  So the debate is far more about window dressing than both the champions and opponents of unlicensed use have acknowledged.  However, I applaud Kerry and Eshoo, who, unlike me, don’t have to worry about committing political suicide in our world of special interest driven politics, for advocating for at least a tiny sliver of unlicensed use.


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